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Rupin Banker is an international investor specializing in global trade and supply chain finance. He has mentored numerous organizations into becoming successful enterprises worth millions of dollars, and he has developed and executed supply chain financing for some of the world's largest corporations.

He founded his investment firm, Banker Group, in 2003 with a pharmaceutical business called Pharma Formulation. From this beginning, the company has grown and expanded its reach into multiple industries and countries. Banker has put his more than 20 years of experience in structured finance and international trade to work in growing Banker Group into a powerful and reputable international firm that has adopted a code of values to ensure operations are customer-focused as well as visionary.

Banker's Group Values

The Banker Group has developed a stable reputation in the global trading and finance markets, expanding from pharmaceutical interests into jewellery, steel trading, petrochemicals, coal, chemicals, metals, including nickel and copper, and agricultural products. This international group also has interests in education, health care, and real estate.

The banker mentored the fastest growing company in the United Kingdom as ranked by The Financial Times. He has taken a pragmatic approach to developing advancements in financing procedures for receivables, inventory, and procurement. Furthermore, he also created a set of values to drive the company ethos in all transactions. The values and practices that drive this financial group include:

Clients receive loyalty and respect. motivated to create value. We provide excellent service. Commit to the highest quality. Keep things simple.

The banker said these are global values. "Every Banker Group employee anywhere in the world has these values as part of their belief system," he said.

Banker Group Mission Statement

In addition to a worldwide set of values to which employees adhere, Banker has also developed a mission statement for Banker Group. This global firm seeks to offer consistently superior service in every area and operation throughout the world. This striving for distinction is to be informed by the firm's global values of respect, loyalty and commitment, motivation, excellence, and simplicity.

Banker Group's Client Focus

The banker has used his industry knowledge to expand his firm into major financial centers worldwide, including London, Dubai, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong.Wherever the firm operates, Banker wants all transactions to be precise and transparent as well as efficient in order to make clients' lives easier. Banker Group strives to provide clients with benefits such as:

Discipline in financial and trading transactions. Expertise in logistics management Facilitated credit provisions experienced with risk mitigation. Stable prices

Bankers have worked hard to develop company systems that offer valuable global perspectives while simultaneously providing in-depth, valuable local knowledge.

Company Vision

Banker has used his years of experience in global finance and trading to develop a company-wide vision for Banker Group. Many companies have sweeping statements created to guide operations, but Banker Group takes efforts beyond business into the larger community.

The banker and his firm seek to become the partner of choice for global transactions involving commodity trading and equity investment. He bases this vision on the company's global emphasis on offering genuine value to clients in all aspects of operations. However, bankers go above and beyond business value by also placing an emphasis on working to help the community at large.

Philanthropy Commitments

While facilitating efficient, value-laden transactions at reasonable prices for global clients, Banker and his firm also look at the communities around them for help. For example, Banker Group used its business acumen to expedite the supply of personal protective equipment to health professionals in the United Arab Emirates during the pandemic in 2020. Banker Group and its CEO, Rupin Banker, received praise for these efforts. The company has other ongoing projects as well.

Tree and crop plantings

The Banker's Group has set up campaigns for planting trees and crops. Initially, the firm buys land to create farms of trees and other crops. The company then turns the farms over to charitable organizations. This programme provides charitable organisations with regular annual income from crops and larger future income as trees mature.


Banker Group has also focused on supporting educational programmes for children in India in an effort to provide security and prosperity for upcoming generations.

Multiple Business Interests

Not suprisingly, perhaps, Banker has turned his decades of expertise in finance, trading, exporting, and importing to various business interests. In addition to serving as CEO for Banker Group, Banker has served as a leader for a health care company in Florida. 

The banker also worked as a director for another finance-focused company called Maplewood Trading Private Limited. In addition, he founded the group Royal Fort Infracom, a general trading company, which saw fast growth and financial success quickly under his leadership.

A banker's business approach is founded on pragmatism and achieving measurable results quickly. However, the values he puts in place wherever he works seek to put customers first without forgetting the community.



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